The IEEE Egypt YP previously know as GOLD is an IEEE affinity group that resembles the Young Professionals from all related engineering fields. IEEE Egypt YP was founded in 2002, with a vision for Egypt to be a proactive community, advanced country in all Technical, Social and Economical field based on our human resources and our culture.

Our Mission is to participate in country development in all Technical, Economical and Social fields, Encourage Egyptian youth to be proactive and take the responsibility, promotes the process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, & applying knowledge about technologies & sciences for the benefit of humanity.

Our main objectives can be summarized in:

      • Strengthen the Industry University Link
      • Empowering research and innovation skills for students
      • Encouraging Technical entrepreneurship culture
      • Value of volunteering efforts

The technology industry in Egypt is booming, however, it will not be nourished without fresh innovative ideas for technology businesses. May be it is time also for you to take control of your career, lead the industry, and market your dreams. Should you be an engineering student, graduate, professional or a business-owner, then you are the right person to deserve GOLD.

Prior to IEEE YP Egypt fast and confident paces, it is now one of the most active affinity group in the IEEE Region 8, which includes Europe, Africa, and Asia.

“The Egypt IEEE GOLD Committee is the best one in the whole world”

Martin Bastiaans-IEEE R8 Director, (2012),Germany, R8 Committee Meeting

Regional Achievements

      • IEEE YP Egypt Secretary got the IEEE R8 Best Volunteer Award for year 2013
      • IEEE YP Egypt Vice Chair got the IEEE R8 Best Volunteer Award for year 2012
      • IEEE GOLD Affinity Group Hall of Fame Award, 2012
      • IEEE Region 8 GOLD Outstanding Activity award, 2011
      • IEEE GOLD Egypt has been ranked as the Second GOLD Affinity group World-Wide and the First GOLD Affinity group all over Region 8 for its remarkable achievements. 2010
      • Mentoring more than 700 engineering projects from undergraduate levels and school students in cooperation with more than 150 professors and business professionals for judgement and mentor-ship process.
      • Continuous collaboration with the Egyptian Government and top ICT companies worldwide
      • IEEE GOLD Egypt Chair got the IEEE Regional Achievement Award for year 2006
      • IEEE GOLD Egypt is responsible for promoting IEEE GOLD activities in surrounding Arab countries.

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