Source: Authors’ tabulations out of Vs and you will CPS investigation

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Source: Authors’ tabulations out of Vs and you will CPS investigation

Because here seem to be falls on relationship rates from the many years 59 and you will associated rises on many years 60 getting widows i then have a look at Theory dos using the fashion in marriage counts within 2 yrs old sixty. This allows me to see just how localized the alteration in the choices could well be. We explore matters within this study once the no analysis you can expect to promote reputable denominators getting month-to-month rates. Once the found on the greatest committee out-of Profile 5, in the 1979 to help you 1995 several months new peak quantity of marriages to own widows inside 24-day diversity is the day of your own female’s 60th birthday celebration, having especially high counts about 90 days following a female’s 60th birthday. A-sharp lowering of some of the weeks before their own 60th birthday precedes it top. It pattern is comparable, but not as the obvious about age before the fresh 1979 law change.

A month until the 60th birthday, the wedding matter is actually 72 per cent less than the brand new baseline times (this is basically the largest departure on the standard)

Committee A great (descriptive analytics) means that inside the 1979–1995 several months, the brand new peak number of marriage ceremonies to own widows in the 24-week diversity ‘s the female’s 60th birthday celebration, having particularly large counts throughout the 90 days following good woman’s 60th birthday. A-sharp lowering of some of the days prior to the 60th birthday precedes one to level. This development is similar to, however since pronounced on age before the brand new 1979 rules change.

Panel B descriptors: Y-axis = Percentage change away from -2 yrs of 60th birthday; X-axis = Weeks away from 60th birthday (-23 compliment of +23).

Panel B (regression abilities) shows that you can find 10 days immediately after years 59 (60th birthday, +step one, +dos, +step 3, +8, +several, +18, +twenty two, +23, +2 yrs) where the wedding matters is statistically and you will financially higher regarding the post-1979 law several months relative to the fresh new pre-1979 law several months. The fresh pattern around the 60th birthday was remarkable. The newest matters throughout days preceding the new 60th birthday celebration will be exact same or less than the newest baseline month belarusian kvinnliga personer (2 years before the 60th birthday). Simultaneously, what number of marriages into the 60th birthday celebration try 56 percent more than the baseline few days. Such matters try mathematically not the same as one another within 1 per cent height. You to definitely, dos, and you may ninety days adopting the 60th birthday celebration, exactly how many marriage ceremonies is still 52, thirty-six, and 25 % greater than the latest standard week, recommending the marriage penalty during the Social Protection is really important toward women that are very close to ages sixty. (Complete regression results are in Appendix Dining table step 3.)

Notes: Adjusted amount of ong widows on month and you will 12 months class. Talking about merely of says that have been on the MRA getting all age anywhere between 1968 and you may 1995 which said prior marital updates to their marriage licenses. Get a hold of Appendix Table 3 having statistical importance of private coefficients.

I have twenty-eight years of study and make use of all the months inside couple of years of your 60th birthday, having all in all, 1,372 findings

ln ( marriage count month , year ) = ? + ? ? ( month ) + ? ? ( month * after 1979 law change ) + ? ? ( year ) + ? , where < month>

Our founded varying ‘s the absolute log of your own monthly count off marriage ceremonies, prior to new 60th birthday. All of our separate variables were times dummies, that have two years before 60th birthday excluded; and you may a communication amongst the day dummies and you will if the day months is 1979 otherwise after. We also include season dummies so you can take into account the possibility of an occasion development in-marriage counts, toward omitted category of 1968.


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