Egyptian Engineering Day

Egyptian Engineering Day is considered the annual nexus for all those with an interest in Engineering from Academia, industry and governemnt. All gathered in one place; sharing knowledge, experience and hunting for new ideas and talents.

“Several years ago it was born, The Egyptian Engineering Day … A new event had come to reality, prior to youthful great hopes and expectations equipped with strong will and faith.”

The EED was first founded in the Student Branches Congress SBC’02, where the IEEE Student Branches meet to exchange best-practices and induce new ideas that promote the engineering science and profession. The EED was suggested to be an expo for engineering graduation projects, as there was a usual complaint of spending too much effort and time implementing a graduation project of no application in real life.

As EED organizers, the IEEE Egypt GOLD team, which was born with the EED idea, realized an obvious missing link in between University represented in graduation projects, research and development and Industry represented in private and public sectors and attempted throughout the following EED rounds to drag the attention of industry, government and media towards the EED.

Although mingling all entities in the same place in harmony was not an easy job, yet the Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) team succeeded to make all players come together year after the other with an eye-kept over the Egyptian market needs and variables. As we – IEEE Egypt GOLD- believe in the key role of the civil community.

With this new strategy, EED has proven a day after the other that shelves are not the ideal place for engineering graduation projects and still too much chances are open out there awaiting in the local, and may be the international, markets.

EED has a focus on developing the entrepreneurial spirit among young engineers and made its best to introduce the small and medium enterprises concept to fresh grads as an alternative to the normal employment option supported with real Egyptian Success Stories!

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