Made In Egypt

“Made In Egypt” or MIE is a University-Industry linkage program founded and organized by IEEE Egypt GOLD affinity group, that aims at bridging the gap between the academic community – including both research and educational sectors – and the industrial community. Our contribution lies mainly in creating suitable models of cooperation between both communities that enrich the national industry and production and lift up the academic standards to create a better impact on the industrial and economical development in Egypt.

MIE has been organizing Made In Egypt (MIE) Undergraduates Competition since 2005 where students from all over the Egyptian Engineering universities compete with their peers with their graduation projects. The target is to bring the best out of them and to make use of these projects by helping the students to link their projects to the real needs of the industrial world. MIE is holding this competition for the 8th year in a row. Having positively influenced the ideology that the industry can get its solution from the industry, MIE in its 8th round for the academic year 2012-2013 is now focusing on bringing out the best quality possible for prototypes that students implement as their graduation products.

“To participate in Enriching the national industry and production by shedding light on Research and Development capabilities in Egyptian universities to tackle real industrial needs and problems, foster business-oriented results, and develop prototypes for new products with the signature Made In Egypt.”

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